Time and the River DVD

Time and the River DVD

LFCM is offering for sale a DVD of its April 27, 2019, world première concert of Time and the River, a commissioned multimedia chamber music work.  Kurt Knecht composed the music, and Platte Basin Timelapse created the images. The work consists of nine movements and runs for thirty-seven minutes. The “River” is the Platte River Basin in Nebraska, Wyoming, and Colorado. The “Time” spans more than six years of time-lapse photography captured by sixty cameras in the basin. A truly unique chamber music adventure!

You can view a video of the world première on the  Platte Basin Timeline’s Website.

The DVD is high resolution and includes both DVD and MPEG-4 files. It was produced from the digital recording of the live concert.

Order online here using the following form. The DVD cost is $10 plus $6 tax, handling, and shipping. The DVD will be shipped by USPS. Contact Robert Kuzelka by email for the pricing of multiple DVDs shipped to one address.

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